Stone Cold Pattern

RD CLAY N Bibelon

A scene obscene in crete n greece,
Subjects Subverted, Sabotaged peace.

Who IS Heir to the throne?

IS it OverThrown?

Yet unknown?
Was it Minos’ Brothers’?

or Minos’ own?

Minos’ drive drove him 2 an oracle fake,
seeking a sign this subversion 2 break.
So he divined a sign, 4 land 2 see,
that Mino was king of divine decree.
The kingdom awaited an answer from the false gods by the sea.

Suddenly from the waters,
emerged great white bull,
White horns, white hooves, white hide like wool.

“Sacrifice tha beast!”” The oracle chimed!
ta tha gads a the sea! n thanks fa tha sign!!”
Mino said “No, find one of mine, a substitute kind.”

.So they put white bull in a field n royal display,
n took another, his dept to pay.

Peace Provides Pleasure,
but suspicions were strong.

Sorceries and signs spell rumorrs long..

When the Queen looked to see, the beast of the sea,

A curse fell upon her, queens’ deeds, beasts’ seed.

Within months rumors ran wild,
when wailers wailed, “the queen is with child!”
Subtly she said inside, “It is I, they deride!

yet I Be Wife to the King…..

With pride they chide, n taunt my offspring.”

“Dispize peasant lies, Sing oh king n forever we will cling,  .

Our armies are great. We need not fear…


When the child was born he was healthy n strong,
amid signs n fables of hooves n horns.

Cold cares of heirs caused kings’ sleepless hassle.
The child remained, contained, n the castle.

As the child grew the king feared is heir,

dread of the dead, warned “Don’t Weed Seed”

“If You fall to concede Your Kingdom’ll cease,

diseese your increase, az you perish n fester n disease.”

Tall tales n rumors served to settle his cares.

.“A beast is least n no  risk 2 my throne,
able fables leave the prince alone,
enclosed; at home in stone.”

Jealousy ungagged gained wage with age,

till kings rage enflamed insane!.!

“My reign is plagued with the haunt of this child!”

“Make a cage for the weigh. The son of the wild!”

In time aTaRa ponders as he sawght to wander and mingle with the people.
So he prepared a feast for all, unequaled.

Though the invitations were never-sent,
The palace was garnished, n tables were set.

As he sat solemnly, no guest arrived.

Tables Full of Food, alone he cried.

.In the Queen came scarcely ashamed, she said,
“Why are you surprised no body came?”
“With a face like yours no one will understand, they’ll hunt you down in every land!”
“If there were only some way to prove you’re not a beast;

then all would receive you and attend your feast.

.Her Child pleaded, “If only this were true,
Please tell me! There must be something I can do,,.”

n So she began,

“I knew you would understand.
You can.”

“U See; We came up with a plan.”

“Your father has hired a man,
that greatest builder n the land.”
“He’s built a labyrinth so complex so grand,
no beast could airr escape; scarcely a man.”

“Only a Prince could ere be so wise,
to find his way out, once placed inside.”

“Then, No one could question your rightful place,
they could no longer despise you for your shape; and your face.”

So He set out devoutly and prepared n hast,
to be set at liberty, the task seemed not too great.

Crowns n frowns lowered him down.
Looking down at him they saw only a beast, a clown.

Unwitting and Unknowing he remained unafraid,
confident aTaRa preserved, in a Labyrinth;


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