Dear President Trump, Please Pardon


  1. My Children were taken from the safety of our home to be put through an American hell of child services perverts and  child abusers. My Innocent Children are being isolated from me by a system of criminal agents, puppet courts and a few crooked lawyers and judges. joined by the internet giants gooble, wordpressin, paypal, msn and all the goon in the business community. I’m being blocked, bounced, funneled and censored: denied free trade and commerce.

2.We Need a Presidential pardon so that MY BABIES CAN COME HOME AND HEAL.

3.ALL attempts at justice are being discarded: as all the physical evidence and testimony is ignored and ridiculed.

4.Child protection services is a leftwing sesspool of corruption and child torture. These beasts must be brought to justice and answer for the innocent blood on their hands:

Please Help, we didn’t do anything wrong.