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I was married to a Wonderful LADY. She was My Best Friend, but she wasn’t always nice.

After Hurricane Ike…..

The Big Change In Our life began when we moved.  I realize now, that soon after we arrived my wife was trying to get pregnant. She thought she was pregnant a lot, but she wasn’t. I bought tests when ever she wanted and brought her to the hospital when ever she wanted.

Shortly after we we moved in, without explanation, she stopped helping with house work. (expt laundry) She didn’t help Our Children with school-work (After insisting to homeschool.) She didn’t want to get a license so I drove her anywhere she wanted to go.

She resented the fact that she had been forced to take care of children her whole life.

In her mid twenties she gave up the idea of having a child with someone she Loved and settled for a child void of opposing paternity. We Met 3 yrs. later and fell in LOVE.                (I Thought)

I figured she was tired and needed a rest. I knew she was being unreasonable, but I didn’t think she was dangerous.

I did anything she asked (She didn’t make many unreasonably material requests). I didn’t complain;  she wasn’t being asked to get a job.

Except for staged unrealistic arguments, not helping and eat all her meals watching TV ,  she was an Excellent Wife and Mother 75 -95 % of the time. I Loved Her More than any Lady/Romantic in my life. We Were All Ways Together.

When I was a teen.

I was diagnosed with a breathing condition described as Hyperactive-Ventilating Tubes. A mild condition that restricts breathing for 10 to 20 seconds.               (I usually cough and recover in a few seconds.)

The restrictions are spiratic and occur unpredictably. I never had a coughing spasm that lasted for one minute, before this:

On Oct. 4, 2013 at about 11:30 pm, I was laying on my bed with a pillow and a blanket under my chest having a coughing spasm. My wife jumped on me;  Sat on my back  with her hands pushing down on my shoulders she said, “Relax, I’m helping you.”

My arms were pinned, I couldn’t get her off me. All the air when out of my lungs, as she held pressure; I passed out. I spent 3 to 5 minutes in a semi-conscious state, (I couldn’t see) my shoulders were pinned to the bed, I was gasping for air and trying to get up, as my wife continued suffocating me. I don’t know how long I was unconscious.

Finally I was able to get enough strength,  to rise to my feet, with her on my back. I lowered her to the floor. When I bent over to breath, she pulled me up straight. I put my arms up and slid down out of her grasp and moved away from her. She leaned back with her arms crossed and said, “First you were purnple, then you were black, then you got up like it was nothing; I never seen that before!”

I was so shocked, I didn’t say anything about it. I couldn’t understand. I acted as if I didn’t know what she did.  We found out the next day that she was Pregnant.

After secretly gaining support of Child Protection Agents , she tried to kill me again; this time with more brutality than the first.SEE  HumanRights/Violations! Sanctioned Attempted Murder and Child Torture!

Our Visitation Provider was seriously ill, and is unreachable. She was very helpful and she was Our friend. I think she passed away. No Visitation Providers will call me back. My wife (legally separated) so enflamed one “visitation provider” that  during intake when I showed her pictures, and physical evidence, she became so enraged she screamed, “Get The F.. out!”. We nee public support and legal representation. The courts don’t recognize my Children and I as legitimate Human beings.

I haven’t had a visit since June. I can’t afford more denied request in this circle of injustice.  I’ve exhausted my resources and restricted my  expenses  to the limit all summer; to buy this computer, Word 365, WordPress, Tech support ex….. My computers keep getting hacked and this is the first time I built a functioning web site.I was able to get my site up to almost 1000 hits a day till I upgraded (because the service was terrible)

My stats went to 0 and few comments make it thought to me, WordPress said they were spam but they won’t show me 1..; before the upgrade I got all possessive comments. Now I’m so busy trying to keep up with their harassment, I have little time and no funds go backe to court nor to fix my donation buttons. If FATHER IS WILLING: Wee will prevail!

Please Help: Pray for Us, Like Us, Favor Us, Post Us, Comment, Donate and get involved if you are Able.

You can make a difference.

Thank You and YaSHa bless You.

If You are a  Leader, Media Resource, Successful Civil Rights Attorney, Child Advocate Group, Equal Rights Organization ex…; or You just want to Help, Please Be Sure to leave Your Contact Info.  I’ll be looking for you.

Thank You, YHSH Bless You
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