Turkey Day


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Broke on Thanks Giving

Hey iggle giggle, the cat the fiddle,
and the cow was grazing at noon.
The little dog laughs, while they’re watching sports.

Thanks Giving has come too soon.

Yea giggle giggles, I got no thumbs to twittle,
and my little ones have no shoes.
The little dog still laughs, time is short.
I’ll be the talk-of-the-table by noon.

I said middle twiddle I got no reason to giggle,
or laugh with your dog, at your table of food.
I’m the one giving, but I’m not grinnin,
It’stuff to be a turkey, trying to make a living;
on Thanks giving.

Just kiddin, YHSH Bless You and Yours

n Happy Thanks Giving!!!!!

(free photo from DreamsTime)


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