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Far be it from me that I should offend.

The value of Your Soul is Priceless My Friend,

in Hopes that even One Soul Might bend,

from the paths of destruction before The End.


This is my prayer and my earnest plea,

that a trace of light through the darkness be seen.

That the Lost of The Flock, would be redeemed.

Allowing HIS pardon to intervene.


The Peace Makers are The Children of YHVH,

if You think I want revenge;   Your wrong,

If the enemy is hungy, let’s feed them. With song!

Invite them to join the Heavenly Throng!

Perhaps they’ll realize, that they belong.


For Hate, Pride and greed, many will not be saved!

As they deny YHSH, perverting their way.

Casting off reverence all their days,

though the road of deliverance, in gold be paved.


The Table of YHVH is rich in giving,

and the Fire of HIS SPIRIT Quickens the dead and the Living,

Turn to THE FATHER and be forgiven.


When You do, The Angels Will Be Rejoicing in Heaven!



.Still no  comments, oh well…

Here’s 1 With LOVE; 4 Free.


1 Beggar


A beger came begging, 4 – 2 Pence did beg;

That 1 might give.


To place on a dead Childs’ eyes so that in valhala

the Child might live.


2 pence 4 the boogie man; 1 had not to Giv.


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