HumanRights/Violations! Sanctioned Attempted Murder and Child Torture!

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I asked YaShaHa in my heart when I was just old enough to talk, (I Called HIM Jesus at that time.) He Changed My Life, and I’ve never been the same. A few years later I understood that I was called me to preach, but I didn’t know when or How Yasha would use me.

As I waited on YaHa. cezars goons got nervous, kuple of X; tried to murder me n busted my head 2ice in 28 yrs.

I ddidn’t sstrike back. Now My Children suffer, as some (would-be) empathetic Believers fear to YaSHa my Innocent Children; Victims of Violent Crimes.

The wicked will not help US and many of the Righteous fear cezars Manna sin deception.

If You know of any mention of such a beast that recovers from a head wound 2ice! in the First 40 Books please email me at:,

as far as the last 26 greko books, I’m sorry we’ve been tricked.

It took me a-lot to accept it too….But We Love Truth, and We Will Be FREE! And Amazed!!       Please send me an email@Above and let me know You Care? or

Especially if you got here from a You Tube or a msn Prompted Comment. My views aren’t being counted and my VisitaRz R gettin boonced

at                Thanks YaSha Bless You And Your Children.

For Free YHSH Information please go to:         Our Savior Is Calling Us Out!!!!! Of Bibleon



Love Hurts? Love Kills?

My Wife and I always wanted to live in our own home. We were able to make the move in 2012. I found a reasonably priced home that needed some work.

We had a nice mini-van, friendly neighbors and we went to Church in a very welcoming community. With an awesome Police dept.

On a tight budget things were getting done and everyone was Happy. I thought

With The Children Fast Asleep, Our nightmare began.
At about 11:30pm on Oct. 4, 2013; my Wife suffocated me beyond consciousness.
(We found out the next day, that We Were Pregnant.)

My Wife became discontented shortly after we moved in. She said She wanted to wait to have more children, but She wouldn’t take birth control and She wouldn’t allow me to. As a result She thought She was pregnant every month, but She was usually just 1 or 2 days off.

We already had 3 Wonderful, Healthy Children; 16, 7, and 5 yrs. old. That I adore. This time everything was different. I feared for The Baby most, because if she hurt Him, no-one could stop her.

I was confounded, I desperately asked for guidance In Prayer. I knew the only way I could protect Our Baby was to forgive her, and try to take care of her. I Forgave Her, and waited on Her hand and foot.

I hoped that She could see how much we Loved Her and She could get help. We only talked about it a few times. When She insisted; She said a couple of times, She thought I was trying to trick Her.

She agreed that She would go to marriage counseling when The Baby was born. She made it clear, “The only thing that matters is this baby.” I did everything She asked, We told Each Other “I Love You” about 20 times a day, hugged and kissed. Like before.

Emboldened by support of Child Protection Services, my wife tried to kill me again on January 9, 2014


This is the nail-puller (cats’ paw) my wife used to bash-my-head-in.
(Not allowed in the court room, not allowed into evidence.)

My eyes were closed as I sat at our large kitchen table gasping for air; I felt sharp, intense pain! I saw bright light! I don’t know if I got knocked out. I remember when I lifted my head, Blood squirted across the table and up the wall. I was afraid to put my hand on the cut. I thought I might get an infection. Blood pock-dotted the kitchen and dinning room, floors, walls and ceiling.

I tried to call 911, but she said, “Are you sure you want to do that? They’ll take you all the way to …………”

Then I remembered that she took my gun. I was soaked in blood with a fractured scull, a concussion, Blood squirted all over the dinning room and the kitchen. All I could think about is; she has my gun, she might panic and kill My Children and herself; while I’m going to the hospital. I dialed 411 by mistake and hung up the phone.

In the morning when my younger Children asked me what happened I said, ” I don’t know my eyes were closed.” She went everywhere with us for a while. My equilibrium was off for more than 2 months. She had given me back my gun, I kept it locked in a box. The Baby was strong well formed and moving in her womb all-the-time.

She kept threatening Our Lives, I had to put The Children and I on top priority. There was no guarantee that she would carry The Baby, either way.

I had to call the Police at least 5 times to have here removed; she was so out of control. They refused to remove her each time. I insisted that I wanted to make a citizens’ arrest, at least twice; they said, go ahead. I said, how? They said, I can’t tell you. Then left.

Several times when the Police answered my 911 calls, they asked what she hit me with, I said I don’t know my eyes were closed.

After she moved out. I found the nail-puller hidden in a plastic bag under other bags of storage. I brought it in tact to the Police immediately. They refused to dust the bag and the weapon for prints, handled the weapon without gloves and later threatened to destroy it.

Psalms They compassed me about also with words of hatred: and fought against me without a cause. For my love, they are my adversaries: but I give my self unto prayer. And they have rewarded me evil for good: and hatred for my love.

This is a picture of the (cats-paw) nail-puller, against a photo that was taken (by a concerned citizen) 8 days after the assault.

The Children and I provided a safe and Loving Family and Home, through the most physically comfortable pregnancy she ever had. Hot Breakfast, lunch and supper in bed watching her shows, talking to family and friends on the phone. We tried to include her in everything we did, but she wouldn’t eat with us.

My Son was born full term, a Handsome, Healthy, 8 pounds even; and released with His Mom within 24 hrs. on fathers’ day June 14, 2014.
We agreed that after The Baby was born, she would go to live with one of her sisters for a while in L.A., Get counseling and work on or marriage. She was packing for months.

Instead confident in cps’s support she plotted with another sister to take my children from me and get a restraining order against me!

Their plan failed, because although I only slept for 2 hrs. I was awake holding my One-Month-Old Son when her relatives came.

The Local Police did an outstanding job in facilitating my wife’s safe departure. They made it clear to her she didn’t have to leave. That The Children live here, Their Safe; and the speaking Children didn’t want to go with her. She left Us without hesitation, with all her personal pre-packed belongings; cloths, phones, photos, videos, beauty products, TV, ex…

After 10 months of living under constant threat; We were finally Safe.

.A Month later, CPS entered my home unrestricted with a Police Officer and demanded my two-month old Son from my arms; as a disgusting, sweting CPS Agent bobbed side to side behind The Officer; screaming obscenities within the hearing of my children.

A Month later, CPS entered my home unrestricted with a Police Officer and demanded my two-month old Son from my arms; as a disgusting, sweting CPS Agent bobbed side to side behind The Officer; screaming obscenities within the hearing of my children.

The intruding social workers refused to let my oldest son 16yrs. comfort his baby brother and forced him to leave him to cry by himself. They isolated The Children from me and each other in foster care and tormented my Children during visits.

Child Protection Bullies forced me to change my Son on a couch in front of his brothers and sister; until they were forced by a Judge to allow me to use facilities, “available to everyone.”

“Child Protection” “supervisor” forced my 7yr. old daughter to change in front of all of us. Trying to end my visitation rights. A visit so vile, that the perpetrating cps agent was removed from activity with my family, (My Children are still Traumatized).

Only to be supervised by the second cps conspirator, “social worker” that my wife had contacted prior to her moving out. This “new” cps abuser was so outraged that I spoke up against her colleague, she committed assault and battery on me with my Son in my arms, in the cps office during our visit.

When My Children would not lie about me, they pulled many baby-teeth, (they had no cavities). They asked my 16 old Son to sign a paper so they could break his jaw, (if necessary) to pull a wisdom tooth. He refused.

They also refused to bring my 6 yr old Son to the doctor for weeks though I begged. He had fever, an ear ache, a sore throat; and his bottom lip was huge, white with infection, oozing puss so bad that it smelled.

Finally they threatened to send them more than a thousand miles away. My Children were in shock and feared they would never see me again. Only then, they agreed to go with there mother.

Their disgusting behavior continues humiliating and terrifying my children

Our only charge is that I’m delusional because I think my wife tried to kill me, and that my Children are delusional because the think so too. (Group Delusion, I guess?)

As a result I have not been able to have a single private conversation with my Children for 3+ years. Despite 3 Parenting classes (90%+finished top of class) and 5 Mental Health Evaluations. Not Delusional.

My Children have never seen their home since they were taken from me.

I’ve done all I can to protect my Children and thier privacy.

My Children and I haven’t done anything wrong. We can’t stop these bullies, unless You Help.

I tried to get public support from Fake News (“Fews”) the reporter seemed shocked and concerned, then he refused all my calls.

I’ve spent years in Gender Court in many venues, only to be denied our rights; humiliated and laughed at.
Instead of justice and civil rights, The United States Government is “ VIOLATING OUR BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS!”

Please consider helping my family get the support we need. Help my Children and I be valued as Human Beings. Pray for us, like us, comment, donate and post Our link, if your can.
My Children Love Me and they want to be with me, but “We” have been dehumanized and falsely represented as delusional.

I never told the Children how I was injured, When they asked me what happened. I said “I don’t know. my eyes were closed.”
Please stop the “Mamma Bear Machine”, from Devouring Us!

This Conspiracy of Gov. hatred for my Children and I, has left Us devastated. Our Visitation Monitor passed away, and I can’t get any Providers to call me back. Justice is too expensive and I can’t afford it.

My Children and I never did anything to deserve this. (before, during or after).

I can’t afford the legal representation We need.

We need: Public, Political, Legal and financial assistance.

PleaseHelpUs, to the extent that you are Able.

Please bring my Children home so we can begin to heal.

Thank You,

Matthew 25:40
And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

YHVH Bless You. Please Like Us and leave a message. If you got through. Thanks.

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